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The Gift of Jazz - January, 1996

This one is a keeper for the collector of jazz guitar music. An immediate favorite by the on-air personnel at KUVO. Time Changes is, no doubt, receiving plenty of air time on jazz stations throughout the jazz listening world.

Jerry Hahn displays his lusty, lifelong, love affair with the guitar in this new CD. When he was a kid in the mid-50's, he performed regularly on Wichita TV with a country swing band. A self-taught player, he was influenced by Barney Kessell and stell guitarist Buddy Emmons.

But Hahn wanted to improvise. This reviewer's first thought upon hearing the title track was, "Is this guy into Dolphy, or what?" Sure enough, right there in the CD liner notes is the quote, "I've always been a Dolphy fan," and indeed, the Dolphy tune 245 is the second offering of the disc.

The creative Hahn wrote six of the CD's tunes. He and his ensemble reveal splendid covers of others like Mingus' Goodbye Pork Pie Hat, and Quiet Now by Danny Zeitlin. The Oliver Nelson classic, Stolen Moments, should be a top contender for the best cover this year.

The artists who compliment this master guitarist are Steve LaSpina on bass and drummer Jeff Hirshfield. David Liebman plays his soprano sax on two cuts and Phil Markowitz plays piano on four of the tunes. Boulder pianist, Art Lande joins Hahn to colpete the collection with the haunting ballad,

Jerry Hahn
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